Prometeon adds Tier 2 ‘Nextroad’ brand to truck tire portfolio

ROME, Ga. — Prometeon Tyre Group Commercial Solutions L.L.C. is rolling out a Tier 2 truck tire brand, "Nextroad," dedicated to regional market applications. The Nextroad brand is available in the U.S. and Canada in two sizes initially— 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5 — with an 11R24.5 available in early 2020, Prometeon said, and is meant to complement its premium Pirelli brand. Featuring open-shoulder drive- and steer-axle applications, the new range is designed to address various vocational segments, Prometeon said, while offering high [...]

It’s A/C system Checkup Time

Stay cool and avoid costly system failures Your A/C system is out-of-sight and typically out-of-mind during most winters until ambient temperatures rise. Don’t be disappointed when you move those controls to the blue or cold setting. Hopefully, the A/C compressor engages and the air streaming from the dash vents feels cold. Unfortunately, the compressor may not be up to the task, may not engage at all, or may deliver less than stellar results. To add insult to injury, an under-performing compressor [...]

Trucking Groups to Launch Truck Parking Initiative

American Trucking Associations, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the NATSO Foundation and the American Transportation Research Institute have joined together to announce a new truck parking initiative. The Truck Parking Leadership Initiative is focused on sharing truck parking availability information with the nation’s professional truck drivers. The groups have announced a press conference on May 18 at the congressional office building for the U.S. House of Representatives on Capitol Hill where they will announce the initiatives plans for increasing truck [...]

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