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FMCSA tire requirements for truck companies

An overview of the FMCSA regulations for tires on buses and trucks, including using adequate tires, and inspecting and maintaining tires The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) imposes many duties on truck companies and truck drivers.  One of those duties is the duty to maintain safe tires.  Under the tire restrictions (§ 393.75 of FMCSA Safety Regulations), there are strict prohibitions on tires that cannot be used: § 393.75 Tires.       (a) No motor vehicle shall be operated on any tire that— Has [...]

Why Do Large Trucks Pose a Danger?

It can be intimidating to drive right next to a big-rig or an 18-wheeler. They are huge, weigh about 80,000 pounds and have this scary tendency to drift in and out of your lane. But, sharing the roadway with these large trucks does not have to be daunting and a nightmare. There are steps you can take to stay safe around big rigs and make sharing the road with commercial truck drivers a lot loss tense. But first, it is [...]

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