Peterbilt 389 379 385 378 357 386 365 367 384 388 Precision Fit Floor Mat

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Peterbilt 389 379 385 378 357 386 365 367 384 388 Precision Fit Floor Mat


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Available for pre-order, begins shipping March 1st

Product Description


Peterbilt 389 386 365 367 384 388 Full Coverage Precision Fit Floor Mat By Redline

*Some Factory added sleeper options may require additional trimming for sleeper section of Mat

The only FULL coverage floor mats for your truck!  Don’t stress about dirt, spills or footprints on your floor with these new precision fit floor mats by Redline.

  • Peterbilt 365 367 384 386 388 389 Full Coverage Precision Fit Floor Mats By Redline
  • 3-Piece Floor Mat Comes With Driver/Passenger Pieces and Cab/Sleeper Transition and Sleeper Piece (All Pieces Velcro Together For 1-Piece Uniform Look)
  • Constructed of Rugged Thermo-Plastic Rubber Material
  • Laser Measured for Exact Fit
  • Anti-Skid TPR Backing Keeps The Mat In Place
  • Raised Edges Act As A Tray System To Keep Debris and Liquids Contained
  • Provides 30% More Floor Coverage Than Standard Floor Mats
  • TPR Made From 100% Environmentally Friendly Material
  • Durable Patterned Texture Provides Increased Grip And Durability
  • Fits These Models With Manual Transmissions:
    • Peterbilt 357 (2006-2007)
    • Peterbilt 365 (2008-2019)
    • Peterbilt 378 (2006-2007)
    • Peterbilt 379 (2006-2007)
    • Peterbilt 367 (2008-2019)
    • Peterbilt 384 (2008-2017)
    • Peterbilt 385 (2006-2008)
    • Peterbilt 386 (2006-2017)
    • Peterbilt 388 (2008-2017)
    • Peterbilt 389 (2008-2019)
  • Fits These Models Equipped With An Automatic Transmission With Floor Mounted Controls
    • Peterbilt 365 (2006-2019)
    • Peterbilt 367 (2006-2019)
    • Peterbilt 384 (2006-2019)
    • Peterbilt 386 (2006-2019)
    • Peterbilt 388 (2006-2019)
    • Peterbilt 389 (2006-2019)
  • Sold As A Kit
  • Quality Made Product

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest floor mats for your Peterbilt then look no further than the Redline series. Redline truck floor mats are laser measured and fit to the exact specifications of various Peterbilt models listed above. These high quality floor liners are made of a rugged, long lasting Thermo-Plastic Rubber to ensure they last through those harsh road environments. Their raised edges form a tray that makes sure whatever is tracked into your truck stays contained making cleaning a breeze. Pick up Redline Floor Mats and protect your truck’s interior today!

*Improper installation of Redline Floor Mats may result in the product shifting position inhibiting proper function of a vehicle’s pedals, potentially leading to loss of control and serious injury or death.

*Some trimming may be required for proper fitment in select models.

Warranty Information

Warranty Coverage & Period of Coverage:
Redline Floormats offer a lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty against Manufacturer Defects, i.e. faulty materials and/or unintended production variations. By definition, a Manufacturing Defect is an unintended defect in a product that causes a product to deviate from its intended design or purpose.

Services Rendered & How To Obtain Warranty Service:
In the incident of a manufacturer defect, Redline Floormats will deliver the same model of the product ordered in new condition. If the aforementioned product model is no longer being manufactured, then the latest version of that product will be sent. To determine the approval of Warranty Service, please contact the retailer from which you purchased your product. Fulfillment of Warranty Services will be provided upon inspection of Floor mats.

Breach of Warranty Services:
This Warranty extends only to the original purchaser and excludes damage caused by abnormal use or conditions, including but not limited to, extreme abrasive conditions and/or repeated exposure to chemicals, such as bleach, gasoline, or other corrosive substances.